The Alchemist novel by Paulo Coelho (Urdu) download Alchemist in Urdu named as Kemiagari. Most famous novel translated in Urdu language. Alchemist Novel in urdu کیمیا گری، الکیمسٹ ناول. Read Online. اس ناول کی اب تک بیس کروڑ کاپیاں فروخت ہوچکی ہیں. alchemist-paulo-. The Alchemist [Urdu] - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho in Udru translation by Umar AlGhazali.

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Topics Alchemist Paulo Coelho Urdu. Collectionopensource. Language Portuguese. الکیمسٹ. کیمیا گری. IdentifierAlchemistPauloCoelho. Book Details. The Alchemist. Author: Paulo Coelho · Download. Share Email. Categories: Best Seller Books, Motivational Books, Recommended Books, Social . The Alchemist novel by Paulo Coelho (Urdu) download Alchemist in Urdu named as Kemiagari. Most famous novel translated.

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The Alchemist

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M ,tim mind. JJL JIi. IJ' I. J """".. Ii' II'.. Arslan Yousaf. Muhammad Iqbal.

Syed Irfan Kamyaby. Umair Hasham. Muhammad Arshad Warsi. You just have to read the omens that He left for ou. He then gave him a white and a black stone, which will help in reading the omens. Santiago reaches Africa, he felt sick in a strange country with a new culture a d la guage. But the boy was courageous and did not lose his spirit. He started working for a Glass merchant to save money for traveling to Egypt. The glass merchant was a good man, Santiago teach him to read omens.

Early Start

Through this character the Author explains the difference between a doer and a thinker, a man who wants to realize his dream Santiago and a man who just want to dream Glass Merchant.

You drea about your sheep and the Pyramid but you are different from me, because you want to realize your dream. I just want to dream about Makah. I have already imagined a thousand times crossing dessert, arriving at the plaza of scared stone, the seven time I walk around it, but I am afraid it would all be disappointment, so I prefer just to drea a out it. Santiago Lived in the city of Tangier for one year and earned enough money to travel with caravan to the Egypt.

In his journey through the desert he met an Englishman, who like himself has met the king of Saleem, who also gave English man a black and a white stone.

Englishman was going to Al Faroum, Egypt to seek a legendary Alchemist who was said to be years old. The boy realize in this journey that, The loser one gets to realizing his desti , the ore that desti e o es his true reaso for ei g.

The English man was immersed in his books throughout the dessert but Santiago found the desert more interesting than reading. He was learning to be modest by the vastness of desert. The never ending trail taught him what a little space man occupies in this world. The English man understood the soul of the world; he said E er thi g o earth is ei g o ti uousl tra sfor ed, e ause the earth is ali e.

Alchemist Paulo Coelho Urdu

A d it has a soul. We are part of that soul, so e rarel re og ize that it is orki g for us Seeing each other, the English man and Santiago tried to switch their ways of learning. The Englishman invites boy to read his book and Santiago tell him to observe and watch desert more. They finally reach oasis and the caravan decided to stay there for few days instead of continuing their journey because of the tribal war that was about to happen.

There Santiago saw a young woman, with whom he fell in love. Fatima, the girl is shown by the author as the true girl of dessert; she was spirited and was brave. She encouraged Santiago to continue forward his journey, telling him that she was not afraid of being left alone by him, she said to the boy, If I a reall a part of our drea ou ill o e back one day. I am a dessert women and I am proud of that. I want my husband to wander as free as the wi d that shapes the du es.

He warns the chieftain of the tribe and as result saves Al Fayyoum from destruction. When the legendary alchemist sees the feat of Santiago, he makes him his student. He urges the boy to not to linger in Oasis and to seek out his destiny, with his guidance Santiago again started traveling toward pyramids.

The alchemist tells him something important that he needed to know, Before a drea is realized, the soul of the orld ill test e er thi g that as lear ed alo g the way. It does this so we can master the lessons we have learned as we moved toward our dream. E er sear h begins with the beginners luck.

And every search end with the victor being severely tested. When the Alchemist and Santiago were few days away from pyramids, a tribe of Arab soldiers capture them. There is o l o e thi g that akes a drea i possi le to a hie e: the fear of failure. On the appointed day, Santiago communicates with elements in world to communicate to the soul of the world and he truly disappear from the place he had stood by turning up into wind and appearing on the farther sight.

The soldiers release them with honor. On a point Alchemist also bade him farewell as now Santiago had peruse his destiny alone. The boy rode toward pyramids, listening to his heart who would tell him where the treasure was buried. When he finally reached the pyramids, he wept with tears of happiness. His heart was telling the story of the shepherd with pride who once herded his sheep in the pasture of Andalusia. But suddenly he was attacked by two men, who beat him up.

Before leaving one of them told the boy, A a should ot e stupid, two years ago, I had a recurrent dream too. I dreamed that I should travel to the fields of Spain and look for a ruined church where shepherd and their sheep slept.

The Alchemist

In my dream there was a sycamore growing out of the ruins of sacristy and I was told that if I dug at the roots of the sycamore, I would find a hidden treasure. But I was not stupid to cross the entire dessert just because of a re urre t drea. Believing that is what marks success and happiness is what ultimately makes a lot of people unsatisfied with their lives to begin with.

I know that translation affects the quality of writing, but I could not get into this writing style. At all. I felt like it was totally affected and contrived. The parable-like quality was totally contrived, and I thought the "moral" was pretty stupid. Moral: everything you want and need is close to home.

Take chances. Follow your "personal legacy. Granted, I am not religious. I think god-fearing people get more out of this bc they can take that leap of faith, excuse the phrase.The experiences you gain in pursuing your dream will make it all worthwhile.

Santiago parents wanted him to be a priest, therefore he attended seminary until he was 16 year old. J'IJ,;,rurt -k' "j,," But the boy was courageous and did not lose his spirit. It is a message to follow your heart and search for your dreams.