COILED TUBING MANUAL CTES, LP Pozos Lane Conroe, Texas Navigation Each major section in this manual is a separate Acrobat .pdf) file. Coiled Tubing - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. The global oil and gas industry is using coiled tubing for an ever-increasing array of well intervention projects. Coiled tubing offers a number of operational and.

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drilling and completing wells with coiled tubing. Once considered high-risk and applicable only for niche services, coiled tubing (CT) is now an essential tool for. Some manufacturers offer coiled tubing units with hydraulic control; others offer electronic. SERVA builds both and lets you decide, from a broad range of axle. s, the coiled tubing unit was famed as “universal operation equipment” and widely applied in fields including drilling, completion, oil production, workover.

In order to achieve this feat, there was a need to overcome three different technical challenges: These were: Continuous conduit that is capable of being inserted in to wellbore the CT string. Means of running the CT string and retrieving it in to or out of wellbore when under pressure the injector head.

Device that is capable of giving a dynamic seal around tubing string packoff or stripper device Coiled Tubing Unit Credit: ShutterStock The Origin of Coiled Tubing Before the invasion of allies in the year , very long and continuous pipelines were developed and produced by the British Engineers for transporting the fuel from England to European Continent in order to supply Allied armies.

This operation involved fabrication and laying of a number of pipelines throughout the English Channel. Successful fabrication and the spooling of the continuous flexible pipeline gave the foundation for more technical developments which eventually resulted in the tubing strings that are used today by CT industry.

Riserless Coiled-Tubing Well Intervention

The purpose of this unit was washing the out sand bridges in the wells. Early Coiled Tubing Equipment Earlier injector heads worked on principle of 2 vertical chains having contra-rotating chains.

The system is capable of operating at 3, psi. The system is capable of operating at 5, psi. A pressure relief valve in the return line ensures oil that is not required by the pump is routed back to the tank; an advantage of this system, is that less heat is generated.

The pump actually comprises of three pumps: main pump, charge pump and servo pump shifts the swash-plate for directional control. The system works on the principle of oil going from the tank, through the pump and valves and to the injector motors; oil returns through a filter and goes directly back to the pump inlet. The typical unit is hydraulically elevated for better operator vision.


Holding the CT string static chains and braking system 3. Efficiently spooling the CT string on to the reel drum level wind system 1 4. Maintaining proper tension between Schlumberger Private reel and injector head reel drive 3 system 3.

Circulating fluids with the drum rotating swivel 5 Application of protective coating or 5. Well Intervention with Coiled Tubing Stripper — Functions The primary stripper typically performs the following functions: Life 14 Weld 12 10 8 6 Life.

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CoilLIFE stored on reel 2. Coiled Tubing Operation. Flag for inappropriate content.

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Well Intervention with Coiled Tubing

Mark Johnson. Rajeev Naidu.Iwin Soossay Sathianathan.

At any time the operator can turn the Tractor off and retract the coil to retrieve the tool string out of the hole. Hydraulic motors drive the chains, thereby allowing the tubing to be run in or out of the wellbore. Geetha Bakki.

A piston is activated and drives the Tractor forward, pulling the coiled tubing and pushing the downhole equipment ahead of it. Equipment Recovery How It Works The Tractor consists of two gripper and piston assemblies — one on the front and one at the back.