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PDF | The book hold the most crucial part in learning process which contain Khulashah Nurul Yaqin book is one of the books which is used at. PDF | Pesantren (Islamic boarding school) has a long history on the Research was accomplished in Pesantren Nurul Yaqin, West Papua. All the best free kitab khulasoh madad annabawi pdf you want on your android phone are available to download right now. Kitab Khulasoh Nurul Yaqin.

Published by Elsevier Ltd. Baring stated religion and culture including the Arabic language as a union of principles that cannot be separated on the learning. Islam is the main essence Arab of culture.

Then, the culture is Arab, which has a special place in Islam. Arab culture influences various Islamic cultures. In regards to this, we must avoid understanding that the two is one of the same or go together exclusively.

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This can be observed in the use of Arabic during worship rituals in Islam, whereby in prayers, hajj and all sorts of other activities of worship Muslims must be performed in Arabic. Religion sought to fashion individual in maintaining activities during his life. This phenomenon processes to conceptualize social world and the place Pace, Finally, there is a need to examine the teaching and learning of Arabic.

Pesantren was chosen as the location of study, where Arabic is taught intensively. This article will explore how pesantren in West Papua, Indonesia implement teaching and learning on Arabic language. Previous Research In Islamic civilization literature, there are accounts on Arabic being in line with various imperial or development of civilization Wolfe, , whereby Islam cannot be separated from literature and Arab culture growth.

This includes linguistics, poetry and history.

The main key to appreciate the Quran itself is through understanding the language. Language to a philologist is one of the most important elements of a civilization, and they limit a civilization to a single language, or from a group of related single languages through acculturation. This definition was presented by Uhlmann Specifically, Arabic in Indonesia has been circulated through learning in pesantrens. In addition, pesantren is a special institution that aims to strengthen understanding of Islam as a religion from various aspects including deep understanding of Arabic as a tool to know about Islam.

Pesantren is a specific educational institution that has roots in the long history of education in Indonesia.


Islamic education institution began to develop around , after its separation from the palace. With an important role left open, the pesantren took the role that is most important in the community. The pesantren cares deeply in empowering the public especially in the field of education Lawson, ; Scott, The role is played independently and consistently. After a long process, the pesantren was finally given the responsibility and trust by the community as a centre of Islamic education excellence.

Furthermore, when a member of the community had a problem related to education and religion, the pesantren became the first and main point of reference.

This shows how highly valued the pesantren instrumental part of Indonesia society. Before the Indonesian independent, pesantren already exist.

The adaptation pesantren in supporting teaching and learning shows that the institutions implement information communication technology as a part of teaching Wekke and Hamid, This adjustment is an initiative to allow teacher and students in acquiring modern perspective. On the other hand, religion is about tradition and culture, but this practice in maintaining attainment on high feature of scholarship. Another perspective was presented Wekke and Lubis in exploring multicultural background on creating instruction in pesantren milieu.

Those research as a conclusion that pesantren did not separate their activity from recently development on the world. They tried to extend the organization as part of modern improvement.

Pesantren is well known of development from inside initiative. It is a peaceful place to participate through the growth of the nation.

The history shows that started from religious activities, recently the organization supply educational progress, environment involvement, and political contribution. The institutions hold a special place for the society, since they join in many ways of live. Research Method The use of a research plan in this study refers to several matters.

The purpose of the study is to find the method for learning Arabic and for that, it utilized a qualitative research plan with a phenomenological approach. Due to the type of research being grounded theory, and features qualitative characteristics, it is a given that the study aims to understand the object of research by following the process that leads to a behaviour.

Grounded Theory here means that the study intended to develop a concept from the data gathered. The main data collection technique in the study is through observation and interview. Firstly, the observation technique used was non-participant observation. Observations were done for 9 nine months. Data collection began December until September Secondly, data that were not obtained by observation were gathered from interviews. This foundation not only becomes the mould for mastering religious knowledge but also others subject.

For that, learning of Arabic has become an important requirement. The culture that influences learning-teaching Arabic at the Pesantren Nurul Yaqin involves matters of everyday life in the surrounding environment, seeing that a language needs to be practiced and made into a daily habit. At the same time, the environment also affects language learning, and the same goes for learning Arabic. Students of the pesantren are not exempted from cultural discussion in the district where the pesantren is located.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that it would affect the teaching-learning system of Arabic there, specifically, the thinking pattern of the students. Students are of various background and culture, and so their backgrounds influence a little, if not a lot, the teaching-learning of Arabic.

For example, students at the Pesantren Nurul Yaqin came from different districts, some are from Papua and some are from outside. Download and install BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2 app player.

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