It's the successor to our popular Learning Laravel 5 book. you can download it to become our premium member and get the PDF, Mobi and Epub version. A free ebook version of the Laravel 5.x Official Documentation. Darkness. Table of Contents. Laravel 5 Official Documentation. This book is % complete. A free ebook version of the Laravel 5.x Official Documentation. Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the .

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The 36 best laravel ebooks, such as Laravel, Laravel and, Laravel Fundamentals and Book Cover of Anthony Gore - Full-Stack 2 and Laravel 5. Download the latest Laravel 5 docs in PDF/EPUB/MOBI. 9 months ago. David Fernández releases up to date Laravel books (Epub, Mobi and PDF versions) from. Learning Laravel 5 ONE OF THE BEST LARAVEL 5 BOOKS you can download it to become our premium member and get the PDF, Mobi and Epub version.

Laravel 5 Documentation

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Learning Laravel 5 Building Applications with Bootstrap 4. Written by heart We hope that you're gonna love this book, like we do.

This will be your next favorite book. Web Version Learn anywhere you want.

The book is always available online for you to read. Nice Illustrations We include many illustrations, diagrams, maps, real world examples and many more. Bootstrap 4 Learn to build Laravel apps with Bootstrap 4 - the most popular front-end framework.

This book is always up to date We're trying hard to improve and update the book everyday. Want to translate this bestseller? Feel free to contact us if you want to translate this book to your preferred language.

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Website Edition Version You can now access the website edition version of the book for free. Easy Laravel 5 is a great introduction to version 5 of the Laravel framework. I recommend this book for both beginners and advanced users alike.

February 16, update: The 3rd edition has been officially released! Note regarding videos: Some of the videos are outdated and will be updated in the coming weeks. Other videos are still very relevant and useful, covering topics such as eloquent queries and model relationships. PayPal customers: Following your download you'll receive an e-mail containing your download instructions. This typically happens within a few minutes, but may take a bit longer if Jason is not by his laptop i.

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Fantastic book, really helpful, useful, readable and informative. Probably the best book on Laravel I have read.

Easy Laravel 5 was quite refreshing even though I bought it at a time when I was already an experienced Laravel developer. Your book Easy Laravel 5 … has proved to be the most valuable resource I have found for gaining a grasp on Laravel. I love your writing style and clarity.

This book is great! Thanks to the electronic format, Easy Laravel 5 has been updated literally hundreds of times since it was first published, providing readers with the very latest Laravel changes. This is just not practical in print format. The previous edition of this book includes more than pages of material, much of which is still very relevant today.

Eloquent: relationship types: many models to many models example

The new edition currently unfinished and in beta format has been updated for Laravel 5. Customers will receive update notifications each time a new chapter is available for the beta version. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure readers have as much information as possible, and therefore have included both books.

The author is currently working on the book almost full-time, and will be releasing updates approximately every days. Jason has been building PHP-driven web applications for customers around the globe for almost 20 years.

He has built several enterprise Laravel-driven applications, including an intranet application for a major agricultural concern, an e-commerce application for a telecommunications company, and an API for a very high-traffic iOS application.

HackerPair is the book's companion project. All of the code is available for free on GitHub regardless of whether you download the book , and is MIT licensed. Please do not use the HackerPair name for any purpose. If you are not happy, Jason is not happy and therefore does not want your money.Single Board Computers. Advanced developers will not get much from this book.

Best 10 books to learn laravel 5 and building practical applications

Jason Gilmore has been developing PHP-driven web applications for almost two decades, and is the author of numerous popular books on web application development. But a somewhat experienced beginner-to-intermediate developer could learn a lot from this book. download Now. Parcel Weight.