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Rise of Tiamat. Both the rules and the appendix can be. d o w n lo a d e d fo r fr e e at D u n g e o n s a n d D r a g o n s.c o m. With laurels placed where they. Since the EmuParadise announcement we have seen a % rise in traffic from s of users mirroring our Rise of Tiamat ().pdfApr M. the Rise of Tiamat adventure. For the rules governing magic item use, such as rarity and attunement, see the Dungeon Master's D&D Basic Rules, available at.

Discovering the truth w ill lead and the w rit w ill be revoked. Once the characters have been vested w ith their powers, the first stages of the adventure await.

S etup: M e t a llic D ra g o n s , A r is e During the council, the adventurers are introduced S etu p: T h is leads activities and its most powerful members.

Those efforts into episode 6. The third council features another new face—the tiefling Rian Nightshade, introduced as a special adviser to Se t u p: Characters who pay attention notice The sounding of the Draakhorn weighs heavily on that some at the meeting—including S ir Isteval, Ontharr all the leaders of the Sword Coast.

Seeking more Frume, and Ambassador Brawnanvil—are doing their information on the horn and its whereabouts leads best to ignore the secret Zhentarim delegate, who the party on an expedition to the frozen North, makes no statements unless addressed by the party. N e r o n v a in Se c o n d Sessio n News that the dragon attacks in the elven forest have ended is gratefully received by all on the council. At the Second Council of Waterdeep, the adventurers However, K in g Melandrach responds with cold fury see two new faces.

He remains as Open Lord of Waterdeep by Lady Laeral Silverhand, hesitant to put elves in the front lines of combat, but who now sits at the head of the council table.

Dagult sits no longer acts as a roadblock to negotiations. H is to her right, alongside a human female introduced as pragmatism means that he no longer has any qualms E lia see below. The the Cult of the Dragon are exiles with no connection to good dragons are wise and just creatures, and their Thay. Th is paves the way for episode 8. He makes the apology because honor demands it, but he resents the F o u r t h Session party for forcing his hand.

Connerad Brawnanvil is similarly unhappy if a concession was made in response The fourth council is the final meeting between the to the ancient dragonmoots of the dwarves. The faction leaders and the adventurers. Hundreds of traditions of the dragonmoot saved many lives in their chromatic dragons have been sighted near the W ell of time, and the fact that one metallic dragon was injured Dragons, and the time has come to strike.

At the end indicates that it was probably misbehaving. Dwarves of this council, the delegates make their final decisions have no patience for tolerating misbehaving dragons, no of support for the adventurers and their cause, if they matter what their color. Bartering away portions of the hoard that the F o l l o w - u p: For every concession that was made Nightshade approaches the characters and asks for for a share, circle a negative - icon in the following a private audience.

She explains her position as an order: The of the other factions, stating that the Black Network Em erald Enclave is not affected by such concessions, is w illin g to act immediately and unflinchingly—if since the order has not been overly affected by the the party can help arrange agreeable terms for the dragon raids. Zhentarim's support. Ownership of the tower is allocate the dragons that have pledged their service under discussion by the council, but the tiefling wants to the factions.

The tower for 50, gold pieces, and R ian can throw Order of the Gauntlet sends any dragons to the city of in a potion o fgreater healing, a potion o f frost giant Elturel, w hile the Em erald Enclave sends dragons to strength, and a scroll o f earthquake to sweeten the guard the ancient treant known as the Grandfather deal.

T h is price could go up considerably if the party Tree. The party can also distribute dragons to specific negotiates agreeable terms from the other factions for regions. At the summit, information comes to the characters More pragmatic factions and delegates—including the revealing that a senior member of the Cult of the Dragon Harpers, K in g Melandrach, Dagult Neverember, and seeks to defect from the group, and that the cultist Taern Hornblade—are impressed by the diplomacy is offering a dragon mask as part of his plea for aid.

S ir Isteval, Ambassador Brawnanvil, and the over by the cult. Because a small team has a better Order of the Gauntlet object to the idea of even opening chance to successfully infiltrate the tower than a larger dialogue with the Red Wizards, and believe that the force, the adventurers are asked to investigate.

T his Thayans would agree to an alliance only if it furthered leads to episode 7. Lady Laeral and U lder Ravengard both think the Red W izards unpredictable but necessary, believing that the only important factor is how the Thayans influence the outcome of the final battle.

M e t a l l ic D r a g o n s , A r is e Whenever an event occurs as noted in the list, circle The outcome of the support of the metallic dragons as or highlight the appropriate icons. You can usually mark allocated in the third council is accounted for in this all the icons in a row at once.

Icons that are marked off fourth council. These are the decisions about which regardless of how the dragons were assigned. Cormyr factions receive metallic dragon guardians, which remains largely untouched by the cult, whose operations factions had to make concessions to secure the metallic remain focused on the Sword Coast.

Only the factions that are affected have their Ambassador Brawnanvil appreciates the value of dragon icons marked. For example, if K ing Melandrach and guards, but his strongholds are deep underground and Ulder Ravengard had to make concessions to w in the hard for the cult to reach—and all dwarves know how support of the metallic dragons, only their entries on even good dragons covet dwarven gems and gold.

Sc o r i n g t h e Sessions Some attendees are easier to sway toward pledging their full support, including Dagult Neverember. Others Every faction w ill donate troops and resources to the are more difficult, such as Connerad Brawnanvil. The outcome of the Council of of the other factions, since both those senior delegates Waterdeep is tracked on the Council Scorecard hold great influence on the council.

Excellent diplomacy, the adventure. Successfully completing an episode of good roleplaying, and creative handling of events that the adventure w ill usually gain support from multiple have the potential to impress or anger certain delegates factions. However, each faction has its own priorities, can be rewarded with additional respect, at your and sometimes a heroic deed that pleases one faction discretion. Likewise, if the characters tackle episodes can anger or disappoint another.

In some cases, a in a different order from this list, just mark off icons for faction might even prefer that the characters engage in events as they happen, then keep track of the subtotals antiheroic acts—by executing certain enemies rather as you see fit. The adventurers might also be seen to be favoring certain factions, if At the end of each council, add up all the plusses and metallic dragon allies are sent to defend the interests minuses from that stage of the adventure and write and settlements of one faction over another.

At the end of the fourth council, add up the subtotals. You can use the Each faction has its own column on the scorecard.

Dungeons and Dragons Rise of Tiamat 5E

Each - counts as -1 in the final tally. Some events are especially important to confrontation. Episode 2: N o one can pinpoint its present location from Ice. Gigantic icebergs wander listlessly through the sound, or even verify with certainty that the relic is still this glasslike sea, or are sent smashing and grinding in the northern sea, but the search must start there. N o one alive knows frigid extremes, but many beasts—and even people— more about the Draakhorn than her, but the Arcane make their homes in the Sea of Moving Ice.

In this M oving Ice when she disappeared. Personifying the brutality and Each time the Draakhorn sounds out, its unearthly call savagery of his kind, Arauthator is a solid ally of the Cult echoes across the Sword Coast. Dragons hear it plainly, of the Dragon, and can be counted on to be present at even as other creatures hear it only as an indistinct the W ell of Dragons when Tiamat makes her triumphant moaning when their surroundings are quiet and the return from the Nine Hells.

W hen they are ready to seek more information on the ancient relic, Dala provides it. Her last report spoke o f seeing In addition to his size, cunning, and ferocity, Ice Hunters paddling their sealskin boats toward a huge Arauthator wields spellcasting power that makes him a particularly dangerous foe. More than a century ago, iceberg, flattened like a plateau across its surface, but during one of the cyclical periods of draconic violence known as the Rage of Dragons, Arauthator joined with ringed by icy peaks.

She had intended to follow the Ice a dozen other dragons in attacking the Hosttower of the Arcane in Luskan. Their assault toppled the west Hunters and investigate the iceberg. After that, no more arm of the tower, and Arauthator was seen scooping up numerous items of great magical importance and reports came. However, it, and Arauthator seeks a way to gain her commitment. She has never accepted doubt protected against scrying magic.

If Maccath is his death, and still speaks to him as if he were alive. Arauthator hopes that if he provides Arveiaturace with alive, in addition to the lore she can share regarding a new w izard to serve, she w ill recover from her grief and join him in wholeheartedly supporting the Cult of the Draakhorn, the Arcane Brotherhood would be most the Dragon.

Se t t i n g Sa i l M a c c a t h t h e C rim son In Waterdeep, the characters are outfitted with cold weather gear, including snowshoes suitable for The Arcane Brotherhood is a league of mages based in traversing deep drifts, and have passage north arranged the city of Luskan at the fabled Hosttower of the Arcane. Frostskim m r is captained by a human mages of Faerun.

Only the most promising are accepted male known as Lerustah Half-face. The right half of as members in the Arcane Brotherhood, and only his face was left a scarred ruin from severe frostbite members of the order can study at the Hosttower.

He keeps a leather hood drawn across his face most of the time, Maccath the Crim son was one of those best and both for warmth and so as not to frighten children. Even though she driven by a single sail or by oars when necessary. The ship is open to the air, but the Arauthator. With favorable winds, Frostskim m r reaches the Sea of Moving Ice in a few days.

From that point, the ship must slow down and proceed cautiously. Captain Lerustah has no strong feelings one way or the other about whether the crew should pull Frostskim m r onto an ice floe at night or spend the night on the water.

A n ice floe is more comfortable and offers safety from certain aquatic creatures. On the open water, the ship is safer from creatures that hunt only on the ice, but sleeping on the deck is colder and less comfortable than in an easily built snow shelter. The decision of where to spend the night is up to the characters. T h is event can occur by day or night, on ice or water.

Five merrow move as close as possible to The Ice Hunters are nomads that have lived in the North Frostskim m r before attacking. If the characters are on far longer than any other humans. Success and whaling on the Sea of Moving Ice, and of hunting means that Frostskim m r lurches dangerously and for seal, walrus, and polar bears among the ice floes. On a failed saving throw, a seal-hide boats called khyeks or oumyeks across the creature is dumped overboard. To make things easy, frigid water.

They worship totems of animals from the divide the crew into groups of five and make one saving world around them, such as Clever Oomio the gray seal, throw for each group. On each iceberg generations ago.

Desiring servants to guard failed saving throw, the creature suffers one level of his lair during his long absences, the dragon killed just exhaustion. Characters in the water are preferred enough of the tribesfolk to force the rest to obey him targets for monsters in the water.

T h is event can occur day or night, but of Moving Ice. Living as thralls, they have no doubt that only on the ice. A crew member aboard Frostskim m r if they ever leave the iceberg, Arauthator w ill hunt them spots a polar bear stalking a wounded Ice Hunter down and take horrific revenge.

If the characters intervene and save the hunter, he is grateful, and converses with them in Random Encounters his own tongue. Though he is not from the tribe that lives on iceberg described by Maccath is a time-consuming Oyaviggaton, the hunter knows the iceberg. In response process. R oll a d6 each morning, afternoon, and night.

Searching by night or bonus to their next two daytime event rolls. T h is event occurs only at night, and only on the ice. W hile Frostskim m r sits on an ice floe to wait S e a o f M o v i n g Ic e E n c o u n t e r s for morning, three aquatic trolls, known as scrags swim speed 30 ft.

T h is event can occur only by day. The hunters are surly and uncommunicative if approached, knowing that they must return to the 6 Ice Hunters in fishing boats iceberg before nightfall or their kin w ill be punished. T h is event w hile using area spells that deal fire or force damage. A group of fishers from One such spell does m inim al damage that can be fixed Oyaviggaton 12 tribal warriors are spotted in their by the crew at sea after the fight ends.

If two such spells characteristic boats, whether Frostskim m r is in the are used, Frostskim m r must be hauled onto an ice floe water or on a nearby ice floe. They are unfriendly and for repairs that take half a day.

R oll normally for events uncommunicative if approached, paddling away to the during that time, but reroll any total of 7 or higher. If the characters follow the hunters or use that bearing for the next G ia nt Octopi. T h is event can occur by day or night, but only on water. Two giant octopi attack simultaneously, trying to drag characters and crew off the ship into the freezing water.

W hen one octopus is killed, the other withdraws underwater and escapes. The Ice Oyaviggaton Sighted. T h is event can occur by day Hunters used the bodies to put up this grisly warning, in or night. The dead Ice Hunters tried to flee from Maccath the Crimson. When the wind blows—which is most of floating island.

The portion of the berg above the water the time—snow whips off the surrounding drifts and appears roughly triangular, with rounded corners. The surrounds the settlement in a sw irling shroud of white. Sixteen of these structures are and tents sitting at the center of the island. The village small, one-room family dwellings. Approximately 60 for whaling. One yurt near the center of the village is feet across, the shelf rises a few feet above sea level and slightly larger than the others, and is home to the Ice is littered with enormous, cracked bones—including ribs Hunter chieftain, Barking Seal.

A yurt standing apart that arch taller than a human. Captain Lerustah can supply that information. Any character who spends a few minutes examining the The largest structure in the village is the meeting hall, bones discovers tooth marks with a monstrous bite heavily decorated with whalebone and the skulls of fish radius—evidence that a gigantic predator Arauthator and mammals.

Consisting of one large room, the hall ate at least some of these creatures.

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Exam ining the has a wooden floor made of planks salvaged from ships bones reveals smaller human bones in the pile as well, caught and crushed in the Sea of Moving Ice. Beneath all of which show the same bite marks. A long coil of rope hangs on the w all near that rising to the top of the plateau. The chasm is 20 feet corner, and a large iron pulley has been left suspended wide near the bottom but narrows to 5 feet wide at the from a beam above the hole.

Steps are cut into the ice, making for an easy climb to the top of the plateau. No columns of smoke rise above the village to give away its location, since the Sea of Moving Ice features Captain Lerustah would like to keep his crew no wood or peat to burn.

The only artificial heat comes members aboard Frostskim m r rather than marching from lamps and tiny stoves burning whale oil. The them up to the plateau. If the characters are W ith a successful D C 10 Intelligence Survival check, unable to communicate with the Ice Hunters who a character examining the racks realizes that the speak only their own language, Uluik , one of the crew village must produce far more food than the number of members speaks enough U lu ik to get by.

The translator villagers alone would require. The shaman, female , and 1 gladiator Orcaheart, village ridges block the view of the village until characters are champion, male.

The chieftain and shaman do all the talking for the The first sight that greets the adventurers when they villagers, who speak only their own language, Uluik. The bodies have been preserved in the ice,. The Ice Hunters have two main interests: During this interaction, allow the characters to finding out why strangers have come to Oyaviggaton, attempt D C 20 W isdom Perception checks.

A character and getting them to leave. They lie freely and well, who succeeds notices several villagers slipping away telling tales of sea monsters and ravaging scrags in one by one and disappearing into the meeting hall. Encounters in the ice caves assume that the presence Otherwise, the bones are described as evidence of of intruders on the iceberg is already known.

If the party monstrous predators in the area. W hile Barking Seal and Bonecarver speak with the adventurers, the other members of the tribe circle A n H o n o rable D u e l around the party, frowning and muttering as the dogs The Ice Hunters are determined not to allow the growl. Eight w arriors lope off with their weapons strangers inside the village hall, where they might toward the icy staircase and the ice shelf below, where discover the entrance to the ice caves.

They know that they keep a cautious eye on Frostskimmr. Do your best to communicate an child of the tribe. Though If the characters refuse to leave the iceberg, Barking the Ice Hunters avoid contact with outsiders, they are Seal proposes a contest: If the champion wins, the characters must hand over some of their fine steel weapons and sail away immediately, never to return.

If the adventurer wins, the strangers w ill have earned their place among the villagers. They can spend the night in the village, after which Bonecarver w ill answer their questions to the best of her ability. If the characters agree to the duel, one of them must fight Orcaheart one-on-one. No magic is allowed, but if the character possesses a magic weapon or magic armor with no obvious effects, the villagers are unlikely to notice.

The fight continues until one contestant is unconscious and dying. Allow Orcaheart to make death saving throws if he drops to 0 hit points. During the fight, a combatant forfeits if he or she gains assistance of any kind from allies. Despite this, however, Bonecarver aids Orcaheart during the fight if she can.

She positions herself so that when he is struck, he can fall backward and land in front of her. When she helps him back onto his feet, she surreptitiously casts cure wounds. If a player states specifically that a character is watching the crowd for signs of interference, that character can attempt a D C 15 W isdom Perception check. Success means that Bonecarver was spotted in the act, though she denies providing assistance if accused of cheating.

Ice H u n te r H o s p it a lit y If Orcaheart loses the match, the Ice Hunters go through the motions of honoring their pledge. They offer to let the characters sleep in the village storage hut, which barely qualifies as shelter. The sharp tang of the fish covers the bitter poison so. Beneath the village lies a network of ice caves inhabited by Arauthator and his minions.

Two entrances lead Any character who eats the poisoned fish must make into the caves from the village: The character takes 13 3d8 poison damage and becomes dragon enters the caves by way of underwater tunnels unconscious for 8 hours. On a successful save, the that connect to his lair chamber, but these are too deep character takes 9 2d8 poison damage.

If all the and well hidden to be used by the adventurers. W ith its caverns carved out of the glacial depths of the iceberg, every surface in Oyaviggaton is made of ice. Most passages in the ice caves favor the characters have any chance of winning.

She are at least 15 feet wide, and ceilings are 20 feet high does not initially trust the adventurers, and is as keen to unless noted otherwise. The w alls are intricately carved see them depart Oyaviggaton as the rest of her people. The floors inside the iceberg are worn glass- W ith effective roleplaying and a D C 15 Charisma smooth from decades of traffic.

A druid, ranger, or some other character who can them traction. Characters without crampons or the ability to w alk on Bonecarver is not w illing to risk the lives of her ice treat all areas of the ice caves as difficult terrain. A tribesfolk in a battle against the dragon. However, she successful D C 10 Intelligence check allows a character shows the characters the entrance to the ice caves from to rig a set of crampons from items in a climbing kit, her hut and explains what she knows about the caves.

Ic e T o a d s There are no stairs inside the iceberg; the floor slopes between areas of different elevation. Characters can Arauthator has attracted a number o f ice toads to slide down a one-level ramp with ease. The ice toads automatic if the character is sitting, but requires a D C are good at this job, thanks to their exceptionally intelligent 10 Dexterity Acrobatics check if the character tries to leader, Marfulb.

Characters equipped with crampons cannot stand, but can treat ramps as difficult Feeding on seals, sea birds, and fish caught for them by the terrain. Characters without crampons can climb a one- lair, they might find that these creatures can be helpful to level ramp with a successful D C 15 Dexterity check, their quest.

Ice toads normally speak only their own obscure or can climb a two-level ramp w ith a successful D C 20 language. Those in Oyaviggaton know a little Draconic and Dexterity check. Marfulb is Any failed Dexterity check to move on a ramp results fluent in Draconic thanks to many hours spent conversing in the character sliding to the bottom of the ramp and with Arauthator.

When the characters encounter ice toads, their intelligence Light. The light is for the benefit of the ice toads, who as language. Ice toads move on all fours, but their webbed are the only residents of the caves who need light to see. Some carry tools and useful items in pouches slung around their necks. The ice caverns are cold, with the temperature in most chambers hovering around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adventure Details

The kobolds and Maccath the Crimson bundle up in furs and warm their living quarters with small stoves that burn whale oil supplied by the villagers. As long as the characters wear. If a fight is coming, their loyalty goes to whomever they expect to win.

That means the dragon, unless the Visibility. The ice caves are open to the sea, characters somehow impress them. This fog is more M accath the Crim son. Maccath often wanders the common in the low points of the caverns.

In areas noted ice caves, deep in thought. See area 10 for more details patch of random fog is encountered. In areas noted as feet or feet, visibility is limited to 45 feet.

Ice Trolls. Encountered singly or in small roving gangs, ice trolls are ordinary trolls with bluish skin Random E ncounters and immunity to cold damage. For more information on the ice trolls working corridor or empty chamber. Whenever the characters for Arauthator, see area On a roll of 1, an encounter occurs. Then roll on the table to determine the specifics. Inside the hut of the shaman Bonecarver, old furs heaped atop poles are laid across an opening leading Ic e C a v e s E n c o u n t e r s down to the ice caves.

Steps are cut into the w all of the chute, creating steep, icy stairs that drop down feet d10 Encounter or Event in a tight spiral. Because this entrance is seldom used, Fog the steps become increasingly obscured by frost as the Kobolds 3d6 characters descend. At the foot mark, a character Ice toads ld6 must attempt a D C 12 Dexterity Acrobatics check to 9 Maccath the Crimson maintain a grip on the dangerously uneven footholds.

The air is suddenly filled with roiling vapor. Characters can mitigate Visibility is reduced to 5 feet for 2 minutes or until the this danger by roping themselves together or using a characters move 90 feet away. Past the foot mark, the steps improve again so that no further checks are necessary. Arauthator brought a pack of unwitting kobolds to Oyaviggaton generations ago, and the The chute and its icy stairs end at the ceiling. A sturdy creatures have been serving him in the frigid cold ever ladder then descends into the approximate center of a since.

In the event of an encounter, a squad of 3d6 rectangular chamber. The exit to the corridor is an icy, kobolds is working in or passing through the area. If foot-wide passageway sloping downward. If the check is successful or if the characters 2. Hidden beneath the planks in the back corner of the village hall, this entrance to the ice caves consists of Ice Toads.

A crew of ld 6 ice toads see appendix A a chute carved with icy stairs descending feet is working in this area or passing along the corridor. Supplies are carried down strapped time. The ice toads flee This chamber is empty except for three bundles of to the ice trolls if threatened, fighting only if they must.

Additionally, a bed of piled furs has been Draconic and U lu ik to communicate with Arauthator, arranged in the southwest corner, from which the sound the kobolds, and the Ice Hunters. They work for of loud coughing can be heard when the characters enter the chamber. The coughing villager is named Mend-nets 5J u n k R o o m tribal warrior.

The kobolds throw their litter, food scraps, waste, worn- Mend-nets is naturally suspicious of strangers, but out boots, and other useless junk into this cavernous if any character can use lesser restoration to cure his chamber.

Its pit-like floor is filled to a depth of several disease, he becomes a trustworthy ally. The trash floor kobolds who live in the caves. The ice toads likewise of the chamber can be safely traversed, but there is repulse him, though they also ignore him.

The ice trolls nothing of value here. He tells the characters that the creatures of the caves have been warned of their This narrow cavern is the access point to the lair of presence, but the only chambers he knows anything Arauthator below. This cham ber feels far colder than any area o f the ice 3. The cold issues from a The supplies that the villagers provide for Arauthator and his m inions are stored here—mostly dried and yawning pit in the floor that twists down into darkness, frozen fish, whale, seal, walrus, and giant squid, plus furs that the kobolds fashion into protective clothing.

A five-foot-wide walkway extends around by the ice toads to make ink, brushes, parchment, and other items for their work. A few seemingly inexplicable both sides o f the pit, connecting this entrance to an exit items are stored away from the other supplies, including a single steel gauntlet, a silver brooch containing a across the room.

Carved into the ice o f the walls are cameo, the brass hilt of a dueling knife, and a decorative belt buckle—bits and pieces that the villagers have images o f white dragons in flight.

A visual inspection from either doorway indicates that the walkway looks safe enough—aside from being icy, A lso stockpiled in this chamber are coils of rope, narrow, and adjacent to an apparently bottomless pit.

The kobolds use this equipment when along it without difficulty. The walkway that crosses something—or someone—needs to be lowered down the west and south w alls is weakened and dangerous. The pulley is When a character reaches the bend in the walkway, attached to the iron hook in the ceiling of that chamber. If an odd number is rolled, a portion of the w all crumbles, and any creature on the 4.

A creature tipped into chamber. Half-eaten fish heads and gnawed seal flippers the chute slides as much as falls, taking only 10 3d6 bludgeoning damage when hitting bottom. The creature are tossed into corners or carelessly strewn around must then attempt a Dexterity saving throw or fall off the ice platform; see area 16 for more information. A matted heaps o f furs, which would undoubtedly smell as creature that jumps into the chute on purpose takes half damage from the descent and has advantage on the bad as they look if not for the cold.

The chamber holds 12 kobolds when the characters 7. A few are sleeping but most are tossing knucklebones, sharpening blades, sewing clothing, The bodies of some of the frost giants Arauthator has carving whalebone, or picking on each other. A s they If the characters spend a few minutes searching the move into the chamber, the shape of the first frost giant area, a successful D C 12 Intelligence Investigation becomes dimly visible at a distance of 60 feet.

At 45 check suggests that approximately two dozen kobolds feet, the figure is easily mistakable for a living frost live in this chamber. T heir only possessions of value are giant standing perfectly still. At 30 feet, the characters a number of w alrus tusks carved with draconic imagery, recognize that the giant is dead and frozen, seeing its six of which are of sufficient artistry to fetch gp each torn armor and the awful claw wounds in its pale blue from a suitable collector.

The hall displays the bodies of eight frost giants, one fire giant, and one cloud giant. W hen the characters arrive in this area, 8 kobolds are The interior o f the shelter is surprisingly warm, thanks to working in the chamber, polishing and maintaining the a small stove and sim ple lamps burning aromatic whale ice.

If they recognize the characters as intruders, they oil. Carpets are heaped on the floor in thick layers, and try to keep away from them in the fog, then slip out of the chamber when they can. The only in this chamber. Among the materials are the carpets and tapestries, and a portable creatures frozen here in death are two remorhazes, a writing desk that appears to have been taken from a trio of behirs, five abominable yetis, and a giant squid sailing ship.

A complete longship with sail raised is also on display here. The cloak is passably good work for a display. The chest contains o f the Arcane Brotherhood. Two kobold attendants gp, 1, ep, and sp, plus jewelry and precious objects worth another gp. A character examining stand nearby, glancing nervously between you and the the chest without disturbing it or the contents can tiefling.

Not that there will be much difference between the two. However, the brooch of the Arcane Brotherhood she wore suggested to Arauthator that the 9. U n u s e d C h a m b e r tiefling might present a solution to two problems.

Second, Arauthator had long sought a way to help his mate Arveiaturace overcome her grieving over the death Maccath was smart enough to convince the dragon At the top of the ramp from area 9, 1 ice troll see that his offer had won her over, expecting that she area 12 stands guard over this cavern.

However, she has so far been thwarted reach the top of the ramp. A large shelter is seemingly built o f for help. Before he turns Maccath over to Arveiaturace, Arauthator has had the tiefling deciphering his stolen scraps, and in the style o f the tents used by the desert writings, though the work has gone slowly thanks to the inherent complexity and danger of the material.

The kobolds have 8 feet tall, 20 feet wide, and 30 feet long. The bottoms been directed to stay with the tiefling and follow her of the w alls drape down onto the ground, leaving no gaps underneath.

The tent has no obvious entrance, but a character can slide between any two overlapping tapestries to emerge inside the shelter.

W hen the characters step inside, read or paraphrase the following. She also relies on them for weapon for challenging the dragon, and that he w ill not cooking, housekeeping, and other mundane chores. The risk dying over this single lair. Though he hates the idea moment the characters make it clear that they are here of abandoning a home with its treasure and trophies, if to rescue Maccath, the kobolds make a dash for area Like most members of the Arcane caverns, no mist hangs in the air here.

If the characters agree, Maccath shares the following information: The writings are laced end of this episode.

A character who can read arrows o f dragon slaying that she has crafted during magic who examines the writings must make a D C her captivity. Though these items and her draconic 15 W isdom saving throw. Success indicates that the knowledge give the characters an edge, she warns the character recognizes the danger and stops reading. Arauthator has never D C 10 Constitution check to cast a spell.

On a failed allowed her out of his sight in the lair. In particular, check, the spell cannot be cast, though the spell slot is she knows nothing of the scrags in area 15 or the not expended. The character can make another saving traps in area After minutes searching can find ten scrolls: In chain lightning, and disintegrate.

Characters trained in Athletics can climb air. The dragon is content to let his minions deal with down the chute using crampons or some other device intruders, but he w ill be alerted if the characters flee. Other characters can climb down only with ropes, pitons, and other climbing gear.

W hen that happens, the dragon w ill come looking for her and whoever helped her escape. Before the characters head down into the cavern, A total of 11 ice toads see appendix A work in this Maccath tells them they have no easy way back up chamber, scribing records and tallies into the ice to these chambers. They also anyone—intruders or guests—to be able to easily maintain rough maps of the Sea of Moving Ice based leave his lair.

At regular intervals, their temporary records are transferred to Ic e T r o l l s more permanent form. The are permitted here. A minimum of 2 ice trolls are here when characters first enter, but 3 or more can be placed in this area The average ice toad is smart, but their leader at your discretion and depending on whether the M arfulb is exceptional Intelligence Her knack for adventurers meet conditions that might lead to fighting; organization and governance had no outlet until her see below.

Not even Arauthator understands shrouds a field o f ice pillars rising from floor to ceiling. Ice pillars and pressure ridges form razor-sharp crags that loom out of the roiling fog. If Maccath or any ice the World, and the culture of the elusive Ice Hunters.

The trolls hungrily pursue the adventurers if they flee, but they heed Characters equipped with a bag o f holding could take the ice toads and refrain from attacking if the toads all the parchments and stone slabs with them when command them to.

The Arcane Brotherhood would regard the lore as one of the most amazing works of The trolls speak Giant and understand a little bit natural philosophy in existence once it is painstakingly of the Draconic tongue.

Without a bag kill. Only the verifiable offer of food and treasure can o f holding, the collection is too large to move. Ic e T o a d W o r k p l a c e This freezing, miserable chamber makes a perfect home Giant ice toads serve Arauthator as overseers at for the ice toads, but is presently empty. None of the Oyaviggaton. Such objects include food and other supplies, and have the patience required walrus-tooth wart scrapers, spears fashioned from to deal with the ornery ice trolls.

A few toads transfer parchments and tablets into and out o f floor-to-ceiling cubbyholes cut into the ice along the entire southern wall. The rough ceiling of the open cavern rises 40 feet above the varying height of the uneven floor. The denizens Flo o rs. The floor of the cavern is worn smooth and of the lair can traverse the ledges without difficulty, but is highly slippery.

Arauthator and the scrags move any other creature that moves more than 15 feet during across the slick ice with ease thanks to their claws, but a round must make a D C 12 Dexterity Acrobatics characters without crampons or the ability to w alk on check. Failure indicates that the creature loses its ice treat all areas of the lair cavern as difficult terrain.

Wearing information on crampons. Snowshoes are of no help crampons grants advantage on this check. T h e G u l l e t The terrain levels represented on the map of the cavern show increments of 8 feet.

The elevation of the T h is narrow passage is rigged w ith a magic trap. When floor results from the ice splitting and splintering, so the first character passes through the narrowest point the ledges are abrupt and have a distinctly step-like of the passage, the entire area of the passage fills with a appearance.

Characters can drop down a level without stinking cloud for 1 minute. Scram bling up a level requires a successful D C 15 Strength Athletics check; the climber has Arauthator immediately becomes aware of intruders if advantage on the check if equipped with crampons or the stinking cloud is triggered. The dragon does not set clim bing gear. The lair cavern is normally dark. A ll 18b.

T h e T h r o a t description assumes that the characters have a light source or darkvision. T h is narrow passage is rigged with a magic trap. When the first character moves through the narrowest point Tem perature. The lair cavern is colder than the of the passage, a slow spell is triggered, targeting every tunnels and chambers above it.

The cavern is a bone- creature in the area. Creatures affected by the spell chilling 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Area 20 is even colder. Banks of vapor roll through the cavern, Arauthator immediately becomes aware of intruders lim iting visibility to 60 feet for characters with light.

The dragon does not set off the trap if it moves through the area. T h e P e r c h T h is corner of the cavern is home to 2 scrags that Arauthator allows to live in his lair, provided they guard Arauthator sometimes sleeps on this vast ice shelf, but it in his absence. These aquatic trolls can breathe more often he spends his time lounging in area Much of the treasure the dragon keeps at Oyaviggaton is stashed here and on the ledges above. Ice P i l l a r s The western end of the lair cavern is where Arauthator an adult white dragon spends most of his time at P illa rs and platforms of ice jut up from the floor in this Oyaviggaton.

Gold, jewels, and other treasure lies area of the cavern. Strength Athletics check. It is noticeably colder here than anywhere else in A creature dropping down the chute from area 6 lands the iceberg, reaching degrees Fahrenheit.

Any on the top level of the large ice platform in the southeast character in an area where the temperature is below 0 part of the cavern, 16 feet above the cavern floor. The degrees Fahrenheit must make a D C 10 Constitution creature must then succeed on a D C 15 Dexterity saving throw at the end of each hour.

Characters saving throw to stay on the platform. A creature that without cold weather gear automatically fail this save. If the saving throw fails, the creature slides off the top level of the icy platform and hits the second level, taking 3 ld6 bludgeoning damage and falling prone.

W hen the characters face off against Arauthator, L eaving O yaviggaton the dragon roars so loudly that the whole iceberg reverberates with his rage. This calls the ice trolls from The characters have no chance to sail away from the area 12, which arrive 5 rounds later. If content. W hen the dragon is reduced to hit points or fewer and facing three or more foes, he If Arauthator was beaten in combat and forced dives for this exit and escapes into the frozen sea. If the to retreat, he w ill not pursue Frostskim m r as the dragon flees, the ice trolls retreat as well.

The adventurers and the crew might see the dragon shadowing them in the far D evelopm ents distance, but Arauthator is too proud and fearful to face the party again. In Oyaviggaton is just one of a number of minor lairs contrast, the kobolds are furious with grief, throwing maintained by the dragon, the treasure here represents themselves at the characters in frenzied, suicidal only the smallest part of his total wealth.

The trolls might flee without a word, or they sp, and 20 precious stones five each worth gp, might decide they like Oyaviggaton and make it their gp, gp, and gp. In addition, add potions, permanent home.

Guide to generate a hoard whose value is in line with W hen the characters emerge from the iceberg, the your campaign. The villagers then To claim this treasure, it must be hacked out of the ice begin packing their few belongings into their hide boats in the lair cavern. Doing so takes half a day and is thus and prepare to leave immediately. The Ice Hunters of draconic lore. If the dragon is dead, M arfulb can be believe that this gives them enough time to lose talked into letting this material be transported south, themselves in the vast expanse of the Sea of Moving Ice provided she gets to come along.

Additionally, by returning Maccath and if they can, while the ice toads demonstrate the same the stolen lore of the Hosttower, the characters can earn impassive stoicism they show if the dragon is killed.

Neronvain engages in raids against the elves of the Misty Forest with his draconic ally, Chuth. T h is section comprises two distinct episodes. In the first episode, the characters track Varram, keeper of Va r ram th e W hite the White Dragon Mask, to an ancient crypt overrun by yuan-ti in the Serpent H ills.

These episodes play out plans. She assumed them to be barbarian Harper agents have heard rumors of the theft of the mercenaries, but Varram is actually traveling under White Dragon M ask, and Leosin Erlanthar has recently the protection of a force of bearded devils. The dwarf learned that the dw arf Varram was seen in the trade headed into the Serpent H ills after killin g the yuan-ti.

W ith the Harpers already spread far and wide on their T h e Se r p e n t H ills intelligence-gathering missions, the adventurers are a perfect choice to pursue the wyrmspeaker. Good weather and the fact that Varram and his large party were moving with haste makes their trail into Follow ing t h e T rail the hills easy to follow. From Boareskyr Bridge, the adventurers pursue the dwarf into the Serpent H ills —a Leosin Erlanthar contacts the party during a council swath of badlands, mesas, and rocky plateaus sprinkled session in Waterdeep.

After filling them in on the with trees and tall grass. As the characters pursue Varram, roll T h is episode sees the characters journey from a d20 every 6 hours of travel; an encounter occurs on a Boareskyr Bridge to a forgotten Anaurian ruin in the roll of Determine the encounter by rolling on the Serpent H ills. The divination pool that Varram seeks is table below. The bridge provides access across the W inding Water and is 2 Herd mammals 5d6 a major landmark.

Constructed of black granite, it bears sculpted images of the deities Cyric and Bhaal, 3 Hill giants ld2 commemorating the legendary battle they fought on the bridge during the Tim e of Troubles.

A 6 Vultures 3d6 contingent of paladins from the theocracy of Elturgard maintains watch over the bridge in a newly built keep. Humanoids ranging into the Serpent tent city. Oh, I saw him. Packs of goats, antelope, and other herd mammals range across the Serpent Hills.

The dw arf looked him H i l l Giants. The party comes across one or two straight in the eye, then pulled out his dagger and stabbed hill giants gorging on a fallen herd animal. W hen the giants notice the adventurers, they see the opportunity the tall fellow dead! He was one o f the scaled folk o f the for another meal. A h ill giant retreats when reduced to half its hit points or fewer, preferring prey that does Serpent Hills, come down to spy on us!

That dwarf's a not fight back. But he and his entourage took off U nm arked Grave. A low rise covered in hastily collected rocks marks the resting place of one of straight away for the hills then, quick as cats! Serpent H ills before he got there, but it has made him something of a local hero. Bolo is happy to share what Shrine. Many such sites show signs of having been used as campsites by travelers in the hills.

Flocks of vultures might be seen circling Knowledge of the settlement that once stood here at a distance, or could harass the characters if they has been lost to all except Ilda, a ghostly librarian in mistake them for lost travelers on their last legs. A s well, though few seek the pool these days, R u in e d Settlement.

The yuan-ti use humanoid sacrifices to Serpent Hills. Liza rd fo lk. Lizardfolk regularly hunt and gather food for their yuan-ti masters, grabbing humanoid settlers G en eral Features along the fringes of the hills when they can. Unless otherwise specified, the floor and w alls of the T o m b o f D iderius dungeon are sandstone blocks and flagstones. The w alls are cool to the touch and the air is cold. The Tomb of Diderius and its magic pool are hidden within a complex of chambers carved into a towering Ceilings.

Originally part of the manse the w izard Diderius Light. None, unless outdoors or otherwise specified. W hen Diderius died, those who was converted to a crypt only after his death. The honored him in life transformed him into a special crypt looks down over the ruins of the town that grew mummy lord whose magic pervades his tomb. A few chambers of the tomb have the appearance of opulent The town once nestled into a canyon between two and well-kept rooms suitable for a noble archmage. This bluffs, but only a few ruined stone structures and the effect is an illusion, however, failing to cover the rank slab foundations of administrative and temple buildings scent of dust and decay.

Cave entrances dot the bluffs, marking those who show proper respect. None of the ruins hold anything of value or interest, but the caves offer safe places for the party to rest. The remains o f a fountain are now As you approach the statues, you hear the sudden sound little more than a stone circle set around a crum bling o f grinding stone. The colossal figures turn their massive hole in the ground leading to a well deep below. Two heads, their shattered features staring down at you.

Two stone statues stand in the courtyard, rising twenty feet voices issue forth in unison, boom ing out as though high. Behind them, a forty-foot high edifice is carved into erupting from the deep earth.

You come before Diderius, ether walker and strange, otherworldly scenes. Behold ye now his wondrous The left-hand colossus is a bearded human male triumphs. Diderius extends wisdom, and Diderius offers wearing exotic clothes, but its face is smashed beyond recognition.

It holds a balance in its right hand and a knowledge. W hich do you seek? Use your imagination when describing these scenes.

Running Rise of Tiamat

Warnings are detailed in the areas to which they apply. The characters are free to continue on into the complex, but they receive no C u l t is t C a m p s it e a n d R u in e d F o u n t a in benefit from this interaction. A campfire is burning down here, and 2. A n t e c h a m b e r three bedrolls show where the rearguard cultists are camped. Looters have defaced and ruined the relief-carved walls, and the The guards are dead, having been dragged off and censers are long gone.

Set between the carvings are a eaten by trolls living in the tunnels beneath the well. At the far end of that dwell there have discovered that using them to the chamber, a stone door hangs ajar. M arks on the door move between the crypt and the plaza makes for good and frame indicate that it was recently forced.

If the party rests here or in area 5, the trolls attack in the night. A troll fights until reduced 3. Wa t c h f u l St a t u e s to one-third or fewer of its hit points before retreating to the safety of the well. Six statues stand here, all of cowled w izards leaning on staffs, their faces obscured by deep hoods. The hollows The entrance to the tunnels is too narrow for even a the hoods form are particulalry dark.

Niches between Sm all character to squeeze through. The trolls dislocate the statues once held skeletal guardians that fought the their hips and shoulders to pass through, taking 10 cultists.

The bones of more than a dozen humanoids bludgeoning damage that they quickly regenerate. Characters who chose well when speaking with the statues in area 1 are struck by a sudden thought when they enter this area: Lo ok away from the darkness in which such knowledge hides. Any character who does must make a D C 15 Wisdom saving. Success indicates that M o s a ic Sun. D uring this time, the statue area.

The plate is only apparent with a successful D C whispers impossible secrets to the character, which 24 W isdom Perception check or a D C 18 Intelligence carry both benefit and burden. Investigation check. The double doors leading to area 12 saving throw.

On a failed save, the character cannot are plated in corroded copper engraved to depict a group grasp the secrets it was shown, and there is no effect.

The oversized On a success, the character understands the world more figure of a male wizard at the top of the image raises his accurately, gaining advantage on Intelligence checks for hands as if summoning a creature from the pool. However, the character is also driven temporarily insane for 1 minute. Any creature within 10 feet of 4. This chapter is basically an outline of the whole adventure. It's kind of like how in 4e there were two booklets.

One had the adventure story, and the other had all of the encounters. As the heroes progress through the quests, we DMs are meant to track how they are doing on a "Council Scorecard" in Appendix C. Making a faction happy means you get access to certain resources. It actually includes events that happen in Hoard of the Dragon Queen, so the faster you get this, the better. You can start using it right away.

The Dragon Eggs! It is about the dragon eggs from episode 3 of Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Different factions would want to do different things with the eggs, including ransoming them back to the dragons. I am going to post the whole paragraph here.

My group has a baby black dragon from the hatchery. Dark named him "Sparky". This should be interesting. Episode 2: The Sea of Moving Ice The adventurers travel to the sea to try to find a tiefling who knows stuff about the Draakhorn. There's a cool section where the heroes sail on a ship called Frostskimmer and have some boat encounters. Then they find a village and a dungeon.

In the dungeon is the tiefling, who is a sort-of prisoner of a white dragon. The dungeon has a lot of kobolds. Come on now, we are 8th level here. There's also some skrags, which I love. The dungeon is quite large. The heroes will come into conflict with a white dragon that casts spells! The dragon's hoard is crap-tastic. For the love of I assume it is due to space issues. Episode 3 is about how a Zhent agent has stolen the white dragon mask from the cult. The PCs and the cultists race through a dungeon to get it.

Along the way, our heroes come upon a "treasure vault". Are they finally going to get some kewl loot?

No they are not. Who wants a ring of poison resistance and a couple of scrolls? Why are they skimping? Magic items are cool. There's yuan-ti in this dungeon, too. They have beaten up the cult leader who owned the white dragon mask what a wuss. Basically, the heroes can gain custody of this dude. The white dragon mask is long gone. The cult already has it back.

Ahh the old bait and switch. Not a fan! The green dragon's hoard Episode 4 details a trip to look for one of the cult leaders.

Art Directors: Kate Irwin, Shauna Narciso

He has a green dragon attacking elf settlements in the Misty Forest. There's a neat little section where the heroes investigate the remains of a village. They end up in a dungeon where the dragon lives. There's an ettin in there! One of my favorite monsters. Our heroes kill the dragon and loot it's hoard. Guess what? That's right! This chapter has a series of encounters that should be placed throughout the adventure. The prep time on this thing is unreal.

They've actually taken it a step further from Hoard of the Dragon Queen. In Hoard, things were pretty much linear. This book has us flipping all over the place. It's almost a toolkit. A Pathfinder path would do us DMs the favor of placing the assassination attempts throughout the book in logical chronological spots.

I mean, we're downloading the adventure so we don't need to do this kind of thing, right? There's three encounters which contain a number of assassins and suggestions as to how the fight might go down. We don't even get a full encounter! Just stuff like "maybe they attack in an inn" or "maybe on the road?

Episode 6: Metallic Dragons, Arise! Our heroes fly on the back of a silver dragon for two days to attend a meeting of metallic dragons. The adventurers must convince the dragons to help. We get details on each dragon representative and some things they might want, which includes wealth, land and the creation of a temple to Bahamut.

I like this chapter but it's way too short. How can you not have an encounter on the back of the silver dragon? Why wouldn't they put that in the adventure? These dragons seem like they could have been incorporated into PC backgrounds. If you haven't started running Hoard of the Dragon Queen yet, definitely look into doing so. Any foreshadowing you can pull off, you should do. It will make this path feel much more cohesive.

Episode 7: Xonthal's Tower The heroes travel to this tower in an attempt to snatch the blue dragon mask turns out it's a fake.. The tower is surrounded by an extra-dimensional hedge maze. How cool is that?

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In the hedge maze is a bunch of encounters with weird monsters including chuuls, otyughs, a gorgon, a cyclops, and a dao. There's also a magic sundial puzzle which is pretty cool. This kind of thing is what I like most about the 5e adventures.

The hedge maze is a classic trope delivered in a fresh manner. The tower has a pile of encounters some of which feel like a drag , culminating with a battle against Lennithon, the blue dragon from the first episode of Hoard.

I was hoping he'd show up again. I also feel the need to mention how lame I think it is that this adventure twice dangles the possibility of getting a dragon mask when there is actually no chance of getting one. It makes these sections feel like a waste of time. Episode 8: Mission to Thay This is an extremely short chapter where the adventurers meet with the Red Wizards of Thay to try to get them to join the alliance.

There's a scene at night where the wizards invade the PCs dreams to question them and " I will have to change this to suit my group as I think some of them are too young for this kind of scene.

The heroes go to the Well of Dragons, which is among the ruins of scorched towns that are patrolled by angry chromatic dragons. It goes like this. Our heroes and their army of "factional assets" come to where the Cult is mustering for a final battle. There's chromatic dragons everywhere. An epic battle ensues The idea here is that our heroes are leading the charge with their "factional assets" that they've accrued throughout the adventure.

Depending on who they've helped and made happy consult the aforementioned scorecard from Appendix C , they'll have different allies at their side. For example, if the PCs have scored points with the Emerald Enclave, they will have treants and griffons to aid them. Now we're talking! Our heroes make their way into the Well of Dragons, which is a pretty lame dungeon full of guards and guard drakes.

There's about 20 rooms in this dungeon. It's split up weirdly. There's three entrances leading to three self-contained sections, only one of which needs to be passed through to get the the temple. It seems like our heroes might need a short rest in here, but there is certainly no time for that. I don't know, maybe high level PCs can handle a lot of encounters in one day? This dungeon leads our heroes to an area in a dormant volcano where Tiamat's temple from hell has been summoned to this plane.

That's a cool idea. I have actually gone over Tiamat's lair in hell a few months ago in this blog, which appeared in the 2nd edition Fires of Dis adventure. Another Tiamat lair was in the final adventure of Scales of War. I would have liked to see more detail about the mass combat. This is the penultimate encounter! We should be riding griffons battling dragons in the sky, dodging fireballs cast by 4 red wizards up on a balcony, and having a climactic battle with the god of evil dragons.

Not fighting guard drakes. In that one, the heroes have to hack their way through a dungeon designed for level 30 characters! In comparison, this does not measure up in any way whatsoever. It's not even close. The other thing is that all of your "assets" your faction allies amount to background noise. All they do is have an off-screen NPC battle while your heroes take on Tiamat.

I guess you can make some encounters involving them. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it?Consider and refugees are fleeing from burned-out regions under altering encounters for smaller groups to avoid overly cult attack to major cities and fortresses. This should be interesting.

Remember, some episodes actually contain multiple adventures. If the adventurers attempt to steal any slashes at any creature in area 6, dealing 18 4d8 of the treasure or to use the door to area 10 without bludgeoning damage and 18 4d8 slashing damage, or leaving treasure, the golem attacks. For example, if K ing Melandrach and guards, but his strongholds are deep underground and Ulder Ravengard had to make concessions to w in the hard for the cult to reach—and all dwarves know how support of the metallic dragons, only their entries on even good dragons covet dwarven gems and gold.